We have a winner!!

Thanks to all of you who entered my first ever give-away!  I am very excited to be passing on a brand new copy of Raw Food/Real World that I won over at In the Raw.

My daughter F really wanted to be the one to pick the winner, so we wrote down each username on a small piece of paper and popped the in a basket.  She was very careful to turn her head away and pick out a piece of paper.

Congratulations to Elaine Marshall who said:
I love your new blog!  I'd like to win the book as I'm interested in getting more nutrients into my two Long Beach little ones!

Congratulations Elaine!  I'll be emailing you shortly!

How fun was that?  My daughter wants to do a give-away every day now.  Whoa baby...mama doesn't get free stuff all the time now, you know?  I did promise her that we could give-away one of my herbal remedies next week.  I plan on doing a post with the recipe and then I'll send one lucky reader a package.  How about that?

Thanks for playing friends....


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