Raw Food Feast fit for a new Mom!!

So my dear friend (the same one I made these wool soakers for) had her baby boy a week ago.  Yay! 
Mama and baby boy are adjusting well and they both look great (yes, I got to hold the lil cutie today!).  His big Sis is thrilled and has been nothing but helpful and of course the Papa is there to help out in any way he can.  I am so very happy for them!

I've been trying to get together with these folks to do a raw food dinner at my place, but we just never got it scheduled (sound familiar?).  So I thought I'd put together a fun RAW meal for them to enjoy post-partum.  I checked first...I offered to make a super yummy Vegan Shepard's Pie (comfort food), but they were all for trying the Raw Menu I had planned.  Woo-hoo!  I knew it had to be something yummy because these people know their food.  Her husband works at a well known health food Grocery Store and he's a great chef himself.

Now, when I make food for my family I generally just wing it and throw stuff together.  Sometimes I am inspired by a recipe, sometimes I just use what's fresh in my fridge and on the counter.  However, when I am introducing friends to Vegan (and especially raw foods) I like to work off a recipe that's actually been tried and tested by a real chef.  Ha!  Meaning, I try to think about the foods these people would like and then find recipes of similar taste/style using fresh vegan ingredients.
So, what was the menu?

My Cheezy Kale Chips of course, recipe here. These are a great appetizer and also super munching food for a nursing mama (green leafy kale and all the B vitamins from the nutritional yeast!).

    I generally prefer lacinto (dinosaur kale) but they were out, so curly kale it was...still mighty tasty!

Romaine and butter lettuce salad with cucumbers and purple onion.  Topped with Hemp seeds and Gena's Tomato Curry Dressing found at Choosing Raw.

    I really like making fresh dressings.  I try to make one a week and use it for dipping veggies in, salads, tossing over rice, whatever....
    All of Gena's dressings in the post I linked to are very tasty!
Tarragon Mushroom Tart from Rawmazing.

    Here's the crust (I had to make 2 because I did not have a 4X14 tart pan.  Lucky us...we kept one!  My daughter loved it so much she requested we save Daddy's portion and give it to her in her lunch tomorrow instead!!
    You probably can't see the detail, but this crust was beautiful and made the whole house smell wonderful while it was in the dehydrator.
    OK, I really need to get better at taking food pictures!!  I am trying here!
    This recipe was awesome.  The only change I made was using Lemon juice instead of the white wine since it's not "cooked out" and I knew the little kiddos were going to eat it.
    Also when I make this again I may invest in those little individual sized tart pans, just for presentation!
Strawberry Cream Pie from Rawmazing.

The crust.

The chocolate layer.
The recipe made a lot of leftover chocolate (thank you!), so what did we do with it....

Dipped strawberries of course!!  We ate some with the warm chocolate sauce right then and there, but we also popped some in the fridge to set (and share with papa later...).

Have you ever had raw chocolate?  It's in a league of it's own.  This recipe I used was the best raw chocolate sauce I've tasted yet.  Super simple too...

Here's the cream filling.

Guess who licked the bowl clean?  E & F of course!
Cream filling topped on that luscious layer of chocolate.  Right about now was when I started wishing I made a double batch so we could eat one!

The finished pie!  It doesn't look quite as spectacular as the one on the Rawmazing website, but I assure you it tastes incredible, well at least all 3 parts tasted seperately are yummy, we'll have to ask my friends if it was yummy all put together.

I hope they enjoy it, we certainly had fun making (and tasting) it.  I will definitely be making each of these recipes again.  What do you think?  Want to try some too?


  1. It is so fun for me to see people making my recipes and liking them! Thank you!

  2. Thank YOU Susan, your recipes rock!

  3. WOW! It all looks amazing. Be honest here, is it harder to prepare raw food? It seems like a lot of work? You are probably so used to it but for the layman? Guess what, you totally inspired me to break out the dehydrator though and we've used it non stop for the past 5 days! 3 batches of apple rings (they take a whole day to make but oh well). They are gone in 4 minutes I kid you not. And today we made fruit roll ups/leathers. They aren't done yet so the verdict is still out on how they will come out, but they sure started out tasty. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. It all looks so amazing! That pie is making me drool:P That's it... I want a dehydrator. Any recommendations?

  5. Kirsten - check out Rawmazing...dehydrator giveaway girlfriend!! :) Yes, I recommend the Excalibur 9 tray. I've had it for 2 years now and use it regularly. It's clean and consistent. It is a bit loud though and sometimes I wish it were bigger (I know...9 trays already!) cause when I get going I wanna fill like 20 trays!! :)
    Andrea - Woo-hoo! We make fruit leather with leftover green smoothie. Yummers!

  6. Hello, I am the father in the above story and was lucky enough to eat that meal last night,It was amazing and inspires me to make more raw foods in our house. I would say you have to make the strawberry pie but really try everything, im already waiting on lunch rolling around so I can finish it off
    Thanks Laura!!

  7. I'm the mama, and now after reading this I want to eat more kale chips! I ate 3/4s of the container yesterday already! I didn't mind the curly kind either...I think I'd prefer it. And the tart, well, damn girl it was SO yummy...the crust was perfect. I think in addition to eating it traditionally, I might try a slice on whole grain bread as part of a sandwich, although hubby says that's sacriledge. Yay to my lovely friend Laura!!!

  8. Maura and Gerry - Aww shucks...thanks guys. I truly am glad you enjoyed it! :) You could definitely make just the filling and eat it as a dip with veggies slices or as a sandwich filler. Watch out...kale chips are addictive. I made some with smoked sea salt the other day, yum!
    Andrea - Is it HARDER to prepare raw food meals? Well, yes and no. It's a bit more work than boiling water and making rice. You have to plan on the meals and get things soaking usually 1-2 days in advance. If you like to plan out meals though, then that's not such an inconvenience. Like everything, it's a learning curve. I get around it by dedicating certain days to preparation (using dehydrator, and making large batches of dressing). I also don't often make meals like those above. Those are for the weekends or special occasions. My favorite raw food meal is a huge salad with whatever veggies are in my fridge and a simple oil/vinegar dressing. :) That kind of raw food prep is easy!!
    We should definitely get together for a quick and easy raw revipe class - for moms on the go...you know!?!?

  9. oooh i can't wait for tomato season. that tomato curry dressing looks soooo good!

  10. yummy...when can we open our cafe a la' goodness ;)

  11. I would love a few pointers...you inspire me :) BTW, the leather came out okay. The taste was good, but I didn't make the layers thick enough so they actually over-cooked. They sort of ended up being like a chewy chip if that makes sense. the kids still loved them, whole batch gone in a matter of hours. I really do find that WHATEVER we make together, ie, I get them involved in, they always devour! Next on the list: thin wheat crackers http://articles.latimes.com/2008/may/28/food/fo-cracker28

  12. Isa - cafe a la goodness? Find us some financial backers girl!!!! :)

    Andrea - fruit leather is usually crispy on the outside edges and good and chewy in the middle. Hard to get it perfect....


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