Quotable Mondays...or not!

Ok, so I knew this was going to happen.  I was going to feel all pressured to feel/see/hear a wonderful quote to post about today for my Quotable Mondays, and zip...nothin...nada. 
No inspiring words have come to me. 
I jinxed myself.  Ha!

So, the obvious thing to do is share these bits of wisdom as they come to me, rather than giving myself a deadline to get them.   Thank you world for this lesson.

Initially I really wanted to have set days of the week where I blogged about something specific...you know like Feature Days.

Many blogs have Features such as "Silent Saturday" over at The Magic Onions (my dear friend Donni, and one of the best nature based craft tutorial blogs out there!), WIP Wednesdays over at WaldorfMama, Etsy Finds Fridays over at The Long Thread,or my friend Andrea's new feature Playgrounds & Lollipops at her blog Four Flights of Fancy.

But you know what?  That just ain't my style. :)  Seriously!  I have never been able to adhere to schedules or "set" anything!!  Probably why school was so difficult to wrap my head around and why I simply do not understand how people write up a schedule and stick to it.  It really does make me run screaming the other way.  Oh well.  To know ones faults is considered a blessing, right? 

So I hope you don't mind as my little blog winds and flows through our daily life.  I hope it will naturally have a rhythm as I do believe that rhythm is key to a peaceful existence.  Following the rhythms of nature...


  1. I will forgive you for not giving us a quote, although, you spoke so eloquently that I don't think a quote could have said it better :) Oh, and I just love the Long Thread. On my blogroll fo sure!

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