Painting is fun! Guest blogger - F

We got some fingerpaints from my friend and I like them.  Mama even let us use them.

I like to paint on my easel from Uncle Andy.

E likes to paint herself.
E really likes to paint herself.

I am painting my hands.  I did not paint my little sister.


**A certain little red head girl wanted to post on the blog today.  How could I say no?  At first she wanted to post about her new garden, but then she saw these pictures and thought they would be funny.  Enjoy!


  1. Love it! What an awesome mommy to let Erris paint herself - what fun!!

  2. I wouldn't say I "let" her...more like I went to start the dinner and came back to find her this way. :) When we paint with brushes (our wet on wet watercolor) she's fine...I think it was the whole fingerpainting thing that extended to bady painting. Ha!

  3. I am totally diggin these pictures. Paint+kids=Messy FUN!


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