The never-ending knitted farmyard

Yep, that's right.  I am going to finish it.  Seriously.

This project has been in the works for over a year! I took a knitting class from my friend Carin where we all made 10 squares and then swapped them to create a unique knitted farmyard/garden.  I still have all the squares I swapped and I am trying to incorporate them into the end project.  It's making it a little wonky, but I love knowing who made what square and having it be a sort of group effort.  I believe there were 10-12 of us in that original group.  Who ended up finishing theirs?  Anyone?

Here's a picture of the one we made for an auction at the local Waldorf School.  It turned out lovely, huh?  Mine is going to be sort of a Fairy Playland I think.  There's a lot going on with my random squares!

My goal is to finish it in time for F's 5th Birthday.  She loves to tell stories and usually just uses her wooden blocks or other toys about the house.

I am trying to keep it a bit of a surprise which means late night stitching.  I may cheat and just do a big felted piece in the middle there...we'll see.  I promise pictures when it's complete.  If you've got a playscape or farmyard you've made, please share!

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  1. Hi, It is looking really good, happy sewing. cheers Marie

  2. Hi Laura, You have made me feel much better about my own knitted/crocheted farmyard. I started it last year and am close to the end, but still not quite done. You have given me motivation to start working again. :) Love your blog BTW. I have been reading it since you started, but I am not a big poster.

    Elisabeth (LBLO)

  3. Hi Elisabeth! Oh do share pictures when it's done!


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