Lip Balm Recipe and another give-away!

Have you ever made your own lip balm?
If not, you should!  It's pretty simple and way more cost effective.  I suggest getting a group of 4-5 friends together for a lip balm party.  Each person can purchase one ingredient and than you split the batch!  Fun.

For the last craft fair I participated in I made PURE (unscented) and GRAPE.  They turned out lovely and I got many requests for the recipe.  So I figured it would be a good blog post, right?  I'm hesitantly calling it a tutorial as I didn't get a bunch of good pictures while making it (step by step shots).

I tried a few recipes before I settled on the following combo.  It melts right into your skin and nourishes it instead of stripping it of it's own moisture (like so many store brands do).  There's whole wild theories on the idea that they manufacture the stuff specifically to make you more addicted to using it.  What?!?!  Not cool.  Plus I'm a little weird about putting petroleum on my skin.
I digress....

Here's my recipe for Crooked Moon Apothecary Lip Balm:
2 oz organic beeswax (or 1 oz candelilla wax - vegan lip balm)
2.5 oz shea butter
1.5 oz organic cocoa butter
4 oz organic jojoba oil (I have used sweet almond oil and that works fine, but I prefer jojoba)
10-15 mL flavor oil (if using)

I've linked to all the products I use, but there are many places to get the same ingredients.  Since I sell the stuff, I try to get the highest quality (ethically sound) ingredients.

This recipe makes about 50 tubes.  I suggest using tubes.  The little lip balm pots are super cute (and anti-plastic) but they are hard to get open and people seem to prefer the tubes.

First set up your tubes to be filled somewhere conveniently located to where you're cooking your lip balm.  You'll need to work fast with a plastic (not glass) pipette in order to fill them before your mixture starts to cool and harden.  It takes me 2 small plastic pipettes to fill 50 tubes, as one undoubtedly gets clogged or hardens 3/4 of the way through.

Ah...the scary crooked tube shot again....

Melt all the ingredients in a double boiler, except the flavor oil.  On med heat this will take about 5 min.  I gently stir the mixture to encourage the beeswax to melt.  Use beeswax pellets, or pastilles, as they melt a lot faster than chunks or shavings.  As soon as the beeswax has completely melted, turn the heat off.  Add your flavor oil, if using.  Then swiftly, but carefully, began filling your tubes.  I like to fill to the top of the screw and then go back and top them off so they are full.  You can cap them as soon as they're cool.
Simple, no?
Any questions? 

Go forth and make some homemade lip balm!  Then come back and tell me about it.
Already make your own?  What's your favorite recipe?
Not the DIY type?  That's ok...I'll sell you some of mine.


Leave a comment telling me what lip balm flavor you'd like me to make next and be entered to win a 5 pack of my lip balms.
All tied up in a sweet hand knit little sack made by Lacey from the Bits of Goodness swap group.

I will close the comments Friday April 2nd and announce the winner Saturday morning.  F is so thrilled to do another give-away!!


  1. Yay! I was so sad to have had to miss the craft fair, but am so excited to try this recipe. Have you ever made a strawberry one? Seems like it would be nice for spring.

  2. Kenny - Yes! I made strawberry last time and it was awesome. Just sold out of it actually. I used wild strawberry from MMS as the flavor oil...just FYI. There are a million strawberry flavor oils and not all are good!

  3. A tropical flavor would be fun (pina colada, coconut).

  4. You know we love your strawberry lip balm over here :-)

  5. Hmmm... how about mint? or chocolate? or both together? you could advertise it as getting your "fix" of chocolate without the calories ;) lol!

  6. ps. I like strawberry too :)


  7. I love everything you make, Laura. How about a citrusy lip balm? Lemon, or orange?

  8. ooo...Cinnamon
    I read its a natural lip plumper?

  9. hmmm...i really enjoyed your cake flavor. i think that i have to vote coconut, though i like the sound of the lip plumping cinnamon and think you should give that a go, too! ;)

  10. Cake...mmm... But I vote for the citrus and/or coconut (or both--lemon coconut to go with your amazing raw cookie recipe??)> do you get all your flavor oils from MMS? They're such a great company!

  11. I think a grapefruit or mojito - something slightly reminiscent of a cocktil!

  12. sign me up! i love your lip balm and I am tired of trying to weasel it out of my kids hands!

  13. I love your lip balm and strawberry is my favorite. New flavor ideas: Vanilla, passionfruit, blueberry or mango.

  14. Loving all the ideas ladies!
    Miranda - You crack me up!
    Julie (LB Herbalist) - MMS - Yes, I love their customer service and their flavor oils are high quality. I also like how well they explain each flavor.
    Cinnamon is a must for the Winter/Holiday season... :)

  15. I'm definitely a citrus fan, so I say go for that. Although vanilla sounds good too...

  16. Lemon. I just stumbled upon your blog. I really like it.

  17. I think Lemon/tangerine would be nice!
    Thanks for the kale chip recipe, so so fantastic!!!

  18. thanks soooo much for clearing up the great mystery (for me anyway!)of using only 1/2 the amount of wax for candelilla!

    they kept coming out hard as a rock!

    i wish to incorporate this with a little soywax, mango, macadamia & meadowfoam seed oil.

    this was most helpful! many thanks!


  19. Heartsong - Yes, general rule is 1/2 the amount for candelilla wax. :)
    Your blend sounds lovely...

  20. where does the time go?

    today is the first time i've had a chance to get back to lip balms. i am going to try your recipe with the candelilla wax.

    i tossed my old candi-wax which was kind of a dusty beige/pale yellow for some new stuff by

    these are a beautiful lemon yellow in a tiny, tiny prill form which should make melting & incorporating much easier.

    cross your fingers-i'll check back in with you tomorrow.

    BTW, i think sage's orange mixed with vanilla banilla (like an orange creamsickle) would be lovely!


  21. Heartsong - oooh orange creamsicle sounds good! Let em know how it goes with your new candi-wax. :)

  22. i have to admit that the balms came out perfect! not too hard or soft. in fact i'm wearing some now, and it stays on your lips a long time without any tackyness.

    i was almost out of jojoba, so i subbed 50% of the oil for rice bran oil.

    i used the sage's honey fl/oil @ 30 drops per 100 grams (no sweetener) and it's to die for! i didn't use alot, but it has a wonderfully soft honey scent, and a very light taste of honey.

    thank you sooo much for sharing your recipe!

    i'd like to return the favor and share a recipe with you, i you'd like?

    i am currently making pine tar soaps and pine tar lotion sticks. (among other stuff, too)

    again, many thanks! heartsong

  23. Heartsong - Do share the Pine Tar lotion recipe!!!


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