Happy Spring Equinox!

It's officially spring today!

Here's my neighbor's gorgeous plum tree to prove it.

And here's the beautiful tulips my Mother-in-law gave me.

F finally got to change her nature table to Spring.  You can visit past nature tables here.  I always enjoy watching her and seeing what the end result is.

A 4 year old's interpretation of a Spring sun!

E came with some special stones to add to the table.

I am sure it will grow and change with the season, but for now it's quite busy, just like the bees!

We started our easter grass this week.  What is easter grass you say?  I'll tell you...
When F was in Ms Uschi's morning playgroup down at WSOC we made our own easter baskets using real grass.  I was so amazed at the simple (wonderful) idea of using living grass instead of the plastic scary stuff or even the friendlier raffia, that it's stuck with us and we do it every year.

The night before you plant your grass, soak some soft white wheat berries in water.  In the morning drain them.

Pick out a basket that has some depth to it.

Line it with plastic.  I just cut the ends off diagonally of a trashbag. 

Then you fill it about half full with organic potting soil or compost (yes, the Easter Bunny prefers organic, you get extra treats that way you know!). 

Spread a layer of wheat berries on top of the soil. 

Cover with only about an inch of soil.

Take your baskets inside and keep them moist by using a spray bottle.  The girls love to spray their baskets. 

After the sprouts come up through the soil you can literally watch them grow.  I constantly get updates from the girls on how much they've grown.

This is day 3.

This is day 5!

We started them a bit early, so we'll be trimming before Easter, but we always make sure the grass is nice and long for the Easter Bunny to nibble.

While we were at the park we found a wonderful branch for our Easter tree this year. 

These little wooden ornaments are so sweet.  When I wanted to paint it white for effect, F said, "but mama...then it wouldn't look like a tree!".  I love that girl...how right she is. 
We plan on making a few felted nests (can't find the ones we did last year) to nestle in the branches.

How are you celebrating Spring?

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  1. Happy Spring to you!
    What a sweet idea...A nature table, just might have to start one of those.
    And the wheat grass baskets!
    Lady you are full of good ideas.
    I am so happy I found your blog.


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