A Gnome for a Gnome

Meet Sammy the Gnome.

He's a happy fellow. 

He moves about the house.

He was a gift to me from my daughter F.  I love him...he makes me smile.

F made this little guy at school.  She attends the local Waldorf school, Maple Village, and brings home treasures like Sammy sometimes.  However this little guy is for me, just me.  Usually her other treasures are for me and Daddy, or for her sister, and so on.  Not Sammy, he's all mine!

"You made me a gnome and I made you a gnome!" she says.

Well, she's right.  Here's Isabella the Gnome (although her name changes daily).

I made her all by myself!  I think she turned out kinda cute, right?  F sure is loving her.

Can you believe this is actually a 2nd grade Waldorf handwork project?  Yep...2nd grade.  Glad I figured it out being well beyond 2nd grade and all! 

The gnome doll was a project for my handwork class.  I am in the first year of Teacher Training which is generally called Foundation Studies, down at the Waldorf School of Orange County.  I go to school 1-2 weekends each month.  We study Anthroposophy, Eurythmy, Handwork, Form Drawing, Watercolor, and Sculpting.  Here's a mandala we had to create for Form Drawing.

And here's a woven bag we made in Handwork (1st grade project by the way).

I'll take a gnome for a gnome any day!
Thank you F.
I love you.


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