Craft Fair...behind the scenes.

I am participating in a Spring Craft Fair hosted at my friend Andrea's house.  If you're local, come on down and check it out.  I have seen a lot of the goodies that are going to be there and you will not be disappointed, in fact you will certainly be able to stock up for Easter and Mother's Day!
Here's the flyer (click on it to make it bigger so you can actually read it):

Here's what I'll be selling:


These are all natural soy based soaps made with essential oils and organic herbs.

They come wrapped in organic unbleached muslin and tied with wool yarn.

Very Eco-chic gifts for Easter/Mother’s Day.

I made 4 blends this time around:

CALM – Lavender essential oil and organic lavender buds…ahhhh, calm

SUMMER – Wild Strawberry (high quality fragrance oil) with organic chamomile…smells divine

BUZZ – Pure soap with honey, vanilla and organic oatmeal…very moisturizing

DETOX – Tea tree and peppermint oil with organic red clover…guys love this one too


The lip balm I make is all natural, organic and just plain wonderful. I use only organic cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax. For the flavored ones I add a bit of high quality flavor oils. I have them in the oval tubes again (way better than the tins).


PURE – unscented (requested by Dads/boys/ and sensitive mamas)


CAKE – think chocolate ladies!

GRAPE – not fake sweet grape, more like a cabernet…delightful!


I get asked all the time what I use on my face. Nothing. Seriously. I do however occasionally put on mascara (or I do a job and have to get all that yucky make-up off). I use a very simple rose cream. It’s made with organic jojoba oil infused with organic red roses (yes, it smells lovely) then mixed with beeswax to create a salve. Simply spread a thin layer on where you want to remove make up and wipe off with a clean cloth. You can also use this as a daily under eye moisturizer. Red Roses are well known for their cellular regeneration abilities, making the skin under your eyes tighter, firmer and fresher. This also makes it good for rubbing into any eczema outbreaks, small scrapes or rashes. Oh…just carry it in your purse already!


I will be offering a few herbal remedies. They will come with info sheets. All are made with only the best quality organic herbs!

2oz glass dropper bottles of Fresh Lemon Balm Glycerite (good for calming, anti-anxiety/anti-viral too)
2oz glass dropper bottles of Mama-To-Be Glycerite (nettles and raspberry leaf to help mama support and tone uterus as well as giving lots of plant based iron…good for post-natal too)

2oz glass dropper bottles of Rose Glycerite (tastes divine, good for over-all health and well being. Good for cold/flu, teething, menstrual pain, yeast infections, cellular regeneration, depression and anxiety)

2oz bottles of BOOST (yes, the famous elder berry immunity syrup!)

2oz spray bottles CALMING SPRAY(AKA: Monster Spray – Witchhazel combined with chamomile extract and essential oil of lavender help to soothe little ones’ fears at night. Or simply spray in the room before naptime to create a calm environment)

Fun, huh?  Needless to say we've been pretty busy around here trying to get it all put together.  The lemon balm glycerite is what we made here
Of course I'll post pictures of the Fair later, but I thought it might be fun to share some "behind-the-scenes" pictures of what we've been doing over at Crooked Moon Apothecary.  I plan to get this stuff set up in my Etsy shop after the Fair...FYI!

Look at this lovely rose glycerite!  Oh I love this stuff.  I'll do a post on it soon.  I sold out by the way (pre-orders) but I have another batch started already and it will be available after April 4th.

What's this one?  Can you guess?
It's the Mama-to-Be Glycerite.  There's organic nettles and rasberry leaf in there, just waiting to nourish you mamas.

Here's the same glycerite being strained.

Some organic red clover waiting to be ground up for use in DETOX.

Little F is the resident lable cutter here.

Here's some of the calming sprays set aside for pre-orders.  This is a life-saver when your little one is afraid of a monster under the bed/in the closet/up the chimney/round the name it!

Dried organic elder berries waiting to be made into BOOST.

BOOST about to be bottled.

Crooked tubes!  Oooooh!  You know that bugs you! It really bugs me too, but 2 certain "helpers" kept moving them when I turned my back.  They were filled with PURE lip balm shortly after this photo was taken.

So I hope you'll come out to the craft fair and see what else there is.  We'll be giving out raffle tickets for each purchase, kids are welcome, and there will be food and drinks.
See you there!


  1. What an amazing batch of stuff you've got going there!


  2. can't wait to meet you!

  3. oh, I just read the description of the rose salve and I want some of that too, can you save some for me until Monday (I hoping to be in class!)

  4. I have one more question - is there a local place to buy the elderberries and elder flowers?

  5. Miranda - Yes, I'll save you one. :)
    Elder gets sold out this time of year. Try Practical Magicka in Bellflower, although I believe she only has the berries. BOOST is better with both (in my opinion - as the flowers lend their own powers to the syrup) but making it with just berries is still good.


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