Craft Fair was a success!

As you all know, I took part in a Spring Craft Fair at my friend Andrea's house yesterday. 

Thanks to all of you who stopped by!  I had fun chatting with my fellow sellers:

Andrea from Baby Taylored
Rachel from No. 17 Cherry Tree Lane
Shannon from Sacred Waters Soap
Jenny from 40 candles (shop coming soon)
Carrie from Paketal (shop coming soon)
Janine from Stampin up!

I am sorry to say I did not get many pictures, but I'm hoping my friend Andrea will share some of hers?!?!

Here's how I laid out my table.

Not perfect, but that's ok!  This is the first craft fair where I actually tried to create a presentation on the table though.  Ha!

The girls certainly had fun running amok in Andrea's home.  At one point I think there were like 20 kids under age 5 running around!

F created her own craft to sell...

Ouchy Love Sticks.

Yep, that's what they are.  Ouchy Love Sticks.  She was selling them for $1 (!) each.  Thanks to my friends who bought one, hope they work!

She was thrilled.  She actually made these while I was getting ready for the fair.  She says if you rub them on your ouchies and you get blood that means you're loved.  Ok, I said...sounds good!

I plan on listing in my Etsy shop this weekend...still working on getting decent pictures of my items.

**Post teaser** 
I will be posting this weekend about the Raw Lemon Coconut Cookies I made (including the recipe!).

I will also be posting my one of my Lip Balm recipes and having a give away for a 5 pack of Lip Balms!  Woo-hoo!


  1. It was really great meeting you and seeing your products! And guess what?
    I'm a little obsessed with gnomes too.
    We have one in the backyard and his name is Rusty.

  2. ooh! i love your lip balm! ;) glad to see you stocking your shop.
    i, too, LOVE gnomes! my sons room has the gnomey woodland thing going on. so fun!


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