Chasing the Leprechauns

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
In honor of St. Patrick's day's roots, I would like to take you on a photo tour of our trip to Ireland back in November 2008.
It was one of those trips that I will remember forever.  It was so special and magical...we will be back soon dear Eire!
A view of what I thought was the prettiest place in Ireland...the Hills of Connemara.

Our first pub we visited was The Crowe's Nest in Cong where we were renting a little house...loved it!

E and her Grandad.  Stopping for sheep of course...

Little E loves sheep.  She sat on this wall with her papa for half an hour staring at the sheep.

Our new house...or Ashford Castle.

Shopping Galway City with Grandad!

The men surveying the family farm.  Maybe one day we'll live on it again?!?!  Please?!?!?

Yes, this was how I toured most of Ireland.

Sometimes the little one was in the front.

My Mom joined us for most of the trip.  She is such a wonderful travel companion!

Of course we had to go visit this town...

Off to explore Blarney Castle.

OK, there's a LOT of stairs to get up there.  Quite a workout with a little one strapped to your chest.

Kissing the Blarney Stone (despite my father in law's warnings of what the locals do to it at night).

F, deciding which beer to have that afternoon...ok, just kidding.

My kind of place, The Burren Perfumery.  Loved it!
At Gort-Na-Nain.  A vegetarian B&B.  We had a lovely time and recommend it to anyone!
Well, of course Papa had to visit the Guinness Brewery.
...and he had to get a shot with the famous Molly Malone!
F wanted to just knock and go right in at Christ Church Cathedral.
While E was happy just crawling all over their beautiful floors.
We visited the famous Brazen Head a lot, it was around the corner from our hotel in Dublin, and quite fun!
They got to pull their own pints.
We will be back.
We're chasing the leprechauns...


  1. It is so special to travel with your family like that!
    Ireland is on my top 5 places I want to visit.
    How are the vegan options?
    I had my daughter in a wrap for the first 7 months of her life. I just switched to a mei tai carrier. (great for when I am washing the dishes and she want to be held:)
    I really like the last picture. Its exactly how I imagine it, minus the sheep :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! Branden and I hope to take our family one day.

    Happy St. Patty's Day my friend

  3. I loved seeing these pictures! I made me want to look at mine again. I miss Ireland. I would love to go back someday. I went for a whole month for school. We stayed with host families in Dublin, and Galway. We also stayed one night on Aran Island. SO MUCH FUN! It'll be 4 years since my trip in July... =(

  4. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful pictures - I love the last one and the one of you with both girls.

  5. Thanks guys! I'm glad I shared them...there still hiding in my computer and have yet to make it into the travel scrapbook I (never) started. Oh well. I narrowed it down from over 500 pictures!!!

  6. I'm a little behind on my blog comments; but I just loved looking at your pictures as they remind me so much of the trips Trev and I have taken to his "Wee Island"...I so can't wait to bring Shane there and visit again.

  7. Laura, you are stunning! the girls are too, but my goodness what a lovely face you have! ( and a heart to match of course;) jayna

  8. Danielle - We SO have to do a big trip together with both of the families! That way we can keep each other company while the men are off at the pub!
    Barefoot - Aww...thanks mama! :)

  9. Your blog is awesome!! I'm totally gonna stalk your posts ;)
    oh boy now I'm really homesick though. I'm glad you got to see most of my favourite places :) And CONG of ALL PLACES!! MI may be a Dublin girl but my dad's side of the family are from Galway so I know it well. Next time you visit Ireland you'll have to come see us at the castle in Tipperary. CroĆ­ would love nothing more than to show your girls around our Faerie Forest. xxx


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