Calm down! Here's some Lemon Balm.

Melissa officinalis
Otherwise known as Lemon Balm.
I have a fondness for this herb as it was the first herbal tincture I made (all by myself!) from my own fresh plant.  I have since used it in teas, glycerites and cooking as well.
Why?  Well for all it's medicinal qualities of course!

Lemon Balm is well known for it's soothing and calming effects.  Need to de-stress, or stave off that panic attack?!?!?!  Reach for Lemon Balm.  Many people take it as a non-addictive sleep aid.  It's relatively mild when used with respect and safe for children and pregnant/nursing mamas.
Lemon Balm is also anti-viral and antibacterial.  The tincture applied topically can help relieve cold sores, canker sores and herpes.  I've been studying it a lot lately as my grandmother has issues with hyper-thyroidism and (like her granddaughter) is reluctant to just take her prescribed medication.  She's worried about the other side effects prescription drugs can bring.  I am hoping some natural Lemon Balm Glycerite will seem more like a treat to her and she'll take it since studies have shown that it has potent anti-thyroid activity without all the nasty side effects.
As if that isn't enough, Lemon Balm is also a wonderful bug repellent!  Just crush the fresh leaves and rub them on your exposed arms/legs to ward of the biting bugs, or make a poultice and place it on a fresh bug bite to lessen the sting and promote quick healing. 

Have I convinced you to go plant some in your own backyard?  You's a pretty hardy little plant and will continue to grow for you after you harvest it.  In fact I was planning on sharing some cuttings like I talked about here, but now I've harvested it for my glycerite, so I am afraid my friends will have to wait a few more months for their friendship Lemon Balm!

My poor little F has a dentist appointment coming up and she is having some anxiety about it.  You see she fell and hit her front tooth when she was only 2 years old.  The dentist said we'd have to watch it and if it turned grey (meaning the nerve had been damaged) we'd have to get it pulled.  Well, it went grey late last year and we had to have it extracted. :(  Needless to say she's not been a huge fan of the dentist since.

I was all out of Lemon Balm glycerite, so I decided to make up a batch so I could have it on hand to calm her nerves.  Normally I like to give young children herbal remedies as simple teas, but sometimes you just don't have time to wait for an infusion, ya know?

E was my little harvest helper

and F held the camera. 

Not bad for a 4 year old, huh?

Our Organic Lemon Balm Glycerite will be ready in 2 weeks.  First we have to infuse it with love and energy (and a daily shake or two). 

Then we'll have to strain it and bottle it.  Want some?  I hope to list it in my Etsy store Crooked Moon Apothecary as soon as it's ready (along with some other goodies).  Better put yours on hold now, this yummy herbal medicine goes quickly.

Herbal Love,


  1. I can attest to the goodness of the lemon balm, Laura made some for me when I had some painful canker sores and it helped! Anyhow Laura, so for calming purposes how do I use the tincture I already have, I'm thinking it may be good to take for my upcoming shoulder surgery, should I put some of the drops in water?

  2. Yes! Use the tincture you have. An adult dosage would be 2-3 dropperfuls (mL) 3 times a day. More/less as needed.
    Tinctures are usually taken directly in the mouth, but you may dilute it with water/juice if you need to. My glycerite will be ready in 2 weeks if you want to try that instead. :)

  3. Hi Laura, we're from, and just wanted to tell you we mailed you the raw cookbook you won over at Earth Mother's blog today ^_^

    We also wonder if you could maybe write a review for it, and link to our site when you do get it? Not necessary of course. Thanks =)

  4. Henley - Already planning on it!
    Can't wait to get it.

  5. Thank you for your kind information! In my herb garden, my lemon balm is greening up after a long, snowy winter. But do you know if it can be used by someone with low thyroid? Is it known to lower just a high thyroid, or just regulate, or? Thank you for any info and help!

  6. HI Jean Marie!
    Great questions!
    Most of the studies on Lemon Balm and thyroid regulation have been done in Europe.
    "Used as an injection along with Lycopus virginicus or bugleweed, lemon balm is widely used in Europe for treating Graves' disease. Lemon balm is also used as a tonic or tea to reduce and manage symptoms in Graves' disease. Lemon balm slows pituitary function, lowering TSH levels, which, in turn, reduces thyroid hormone levels. Paradoxically, lemon balm is also used to raise thyroid hormone levels in patients with hypothyroidism. Lemon balm strengthens rather than stimulates thyroid function, restoring normal levels to patients with autoimmune thyroid disease. However, its effects are mild and lemon balm is not considered an effective treatment for patients with moderate to severe hypothyroidism."

    It seems to be an all around *regulator* for thyroid function.

    I am not a master herbalist however and recommend you speak with a medical professional before using lemon balm if you plan to use large quantities of Lemon Balm to treat thyroid problems. I generally use lower doses as a stess reducer/sleep aid for adults and children.

  7. Thank you for your detailed information. It helps so much. You are such a blessing, I thank God for you, and your dedication to teaching others a better way!! Please know how much your natural help is appreciated!!!

  8. Probiotics and yogurt do help with keeping canker sores at bay


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