Why "Crooked Moon"?

It means so much to me...but maybe I should explain.
Crooked moon is what my daughter F calls a crescent moon.
Art by Nabila

One day, about 2 years ago now, we were walking at dusk and talking about all sorts of things.  Very important things.  Like why the dandelions turn fluffy, why we need to bring 2 poopy bags when we walk the dog, why she can't pick every flower she sees from other people's front yards...good 2 year old stuff!  We were almost back home and she looked up in the sky and got very excited!  She shouted "Mama, Mama, look!  It's a crooked moon!"  That is what she saw.  To her the crescent moon looked crooked.  I just smiled and said "You're right, it sure does!".  I thought it was so cute!  At that moment she was both a big girl: noticing the sky and moon above her and still so small: calling it crooked, because that is what popped into her open mind.
I believe she came up with "crooked" since we had just been reading a lovely book by Elsa Beskow called The Sun Egg. There's a little old gnome in it called Crooked Root.  Of course the next questions were all about how/why the moon got crooked and full.  Instead of getting all scientific and wordy I simply explained it as a sort of peek-a-boo game the moon plays with the great big sun!  She liked that idea very much indeed.
So to this day we call it a crooked moon.
When thinking about what to call my herbal remedies I like to share (and eventually have in an etsy shop!) Crooked Moon Apothecary seemed perfect.  I like to follow the moon cycles when creating herbal remedies...I'll go more into that in a later post.  If you want to hang a piece of art in your house that also happens to be a great way to follow the cycles of the moon...check out The Original Lunar Phase Calendar.  We've had them up for 2 years now and we refer to it often.

The name Crooked Moon Mama came easily when creating my blog because I had already started to connect myself to the name and I threw mama in there on the end since...well...that is what I'm all about these days!!
So, how did you choose your blog name?


  1. What a great story Laura! Thanks so much for sharing it. And Crooked Moon Apothecary really has a nice ring to it. I came up with my blog name like this; Four because there are 4 of us, Flights because I am kind of flighty sometimes hopping from thing to thing (and a slight reference to wine flights), and Fancy because I also would like to see myself as a little bit fanciful in nature. Therefore Four Flights of Fancy. :)

  2. i love your story! mine is "kats in the belfry". when i was little i loved a cartoon that had 3 bats singing "bats in the belfry - hiccup!". my name is kat, & it's quite batty around here at times, so i thought it perfect.

  3. Kat - Love the play on words! I see you're one of Shannon's crafty friends. :) Hope to meet you soon!


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