Well, I did it!

I started a blog.  That's right.  I always said I never would and couldn't undertsand why people did...and then I got sucked in.
A few friends started blogs and I so enjoy reading them!  Especially since we are all so busy these days, even making a phone call is too much to handle on a night where you've finally put the kids to bed and there's a sink full of dishes still calling your name.
My main goal for starting this blog is to help me document and capture this time in my life while allowing me to share it with friends and family.  I have two little girls and another one coming soon.  Since I have yet to start on E's baby book, I fear the worst for #3.  I have loads of photos and a few home videos, but no time to compile them sensibly into any sort of scrapbook or meaningful album.  I have recently become addicted to knitting and I just can't put down the needles to work on an album.  *Sigh*  Oh well.  I am ok with that.
My dear Mom and Dad live off in PA and this way they can log on and check the status of their favorite (ok, only) grandkids any time they want!
So come back and visit often to keep abreast of our crazy days...


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