Rise the Moon

We were coming home from the Library (we try to go once a week for storytime) and the girls were thumbing through their "new" books when F says:
"Mama! Mama!...wait stop!". 
I pull the car over of course.
"What?  What's wrong?"
I can tell it's not an emergency, but something she's really excited about.
"This book....someone drew a picture of you and me when I was a baby!"
"What?"  I say, "Let me see."

There's a beauiful drawing of a red-haired mama holding her red-haired newborn.  A truly sweet picture that my photo does not do justice.
The book is called Rise The Moon by Eileen Spinelli and it is a gem! 

I've already decided to get it for F for her birthday since we'll eventually have to give back the library copy.  I hopped into the back with the girls and we read the book right then and there.  I just thought it was so sweet that my little one saw us in the drawing.  She really likes that we both have red-hair.

Little E picked out Strega Nona's Harvest by Tomie De Paola.

It's a sweet story about Strega Nona and her vegetable garden with Big Anthony up to his silly antics again.  I liked the fact that Strega Nona plants by the moon cycles...can we say Biodynamic Gardening?!?

I picked out Alphabears: An ABC Book by Kathleen Hague.

I had this book when I was little and it brought back a flood of memories.  I remembered every page...especially L. It was fun to share it with my own children.  Hey Mom and Dad?  Do you still have my copy in the attic somewhere?!?

We've really been enjoying our library trips.

Go visit your local library and share with me what treasures you've found lately...


  1. Very special. I really enjoy going to the library with the kids. I actually got a chance to go with just the baby a few months ago and it was really GREAT! I was able to really browse the books without interruption. I came home with so many great ones for the boys. Thanks for the recommendations - I love sharing great books.

  2. Ahhh, lately my mom has been taking them to weekly story-time on Tuesdays when she sits for me, so she has been getting to have all the fun. This makes me sad though...I need to take them soon! There is nothing cozier than browsing books and sitting down with them in your lap to read softly.


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