New friendships are like seedlings

Over the past few months I've met some wonderful people.
A few new friendships have started to "bloom".
One of these new friends gave us a gift today!  We've been getting together lately and talking about all sorts of things.  She was recently inspired to go vegetarian, has been considering homeschooling and has an interest in herbal medicine.  Obviously, we have a lot to talk about!  Luckily she has 3 beautiful children who all get along with my little girls.

We were gifted with 2 broccoli seedlings carefully prepared in their own little eco-planter.  They are just too cute.  I almost didn't want to plant them, but the girls were so excited to get them started that we transfered them to a larger planter box right when we got home. 

Thank you my friend, for our newest addition to the garden.

While watching my little ones carefully dig up the dirt and plant the orange cups, it dawned on friendships are like little seedlings.  Any friendship actually, new or old.  They need the right kind of love and attention to grow.  When they do grow up into their mature plants they can give so much back to you!  They can nourish you and those you love.  They are very delicate though and shouldn't be neglected or over-tended.  I have had a few friendships in my my life (and plants) that for some reason or another just fizzled out.  It was no one's fault, it just simply didn't work.  So you learn and move on hopefully not making the same mistake.  It's hard when you've got so much going on with the kids, part time work, a house to run etc...but more often than not it's my friendships that keep me going.  The sharing/caring one single email/phone call can bring is priceless.

Here's my Lemon Balm.  It's a hardy little plant.  It's survived a lot.  I've cut it back to nothing almost 3 times since I planted it (not even a year ago).  I've made wonderful tinctures and glycerites out of it and shared those with friends and family.  It seems the perfect plant to give my friends.  The cuttings grow easily in water and can be transfered directly to the ground or stay in a large planter.  I'll let this little plant grow a bit more and then harvest and share it with all my friends, new and old.  So when you see a little cutting of Lemon Balm on your porch waiting for your love and just might have been dropped off by me and my little garden elves.

**Herbal tip**  Can't sleep?  Make a simple tea out of fresh Lemon Balm leaves, add a bit of honey and you're off to dreamland...


  1. What a beautiful post my friend. So insightful and true. I know I am not always the best at nurturing my friendships because of one excuse or another. Thank you for that gentle reminder. Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.

  2. Wonderful you and your family so much :)

  3. What else do you do with lemon balm? I LOVE the little twig signs for your garden plot. I am going to steal your idea ASAP.

  4. Lemon Balm is a magnificent little herb. I'll do a whole post on it this Friday. Fridays wil be herbal posts. :)
    I am glad you like the twig signs, but I must admit they were my friends' idea and i too will be copying...
    Happy Gardening my friend!


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