My first wool soakers!

A dear friend of mine is having her second child.  I was so thrilled to hear she was going to give cloth diapering a try that I thought I'd start her off with a pair of handmade wool soakers. 

Yes wool soakers are a *little* more trouble to deal with then the plastic pant type covers, but it's so worth it!!  Plus, how cute is litttle Quinn's tushy going to look in these?!?!

With my first daughter I used mostly Kissaluvs with Bumkins covers and then I switched over to a total Fuzzibunz system.  With my second daughter I was way more interested in the natural fibers and I used Bamboozles with some wool soakers.  I hade soakers by Imse Vimse, Ruskovilla and a few mamamade ones.
For little one #3 I have already asked my Mom to get started on some hand knit ones and I will be making a small army of these "upcycled sweater" ones.  I'll be sure to post a picture of them all when they're done.

Here's a great link to wool soaker care instructions.
Considering cloth diapers?  Visit my friend Olivia over at Cali Cloth Diapers.  If you live in southern CA she'll come to you and do a diaper demo!

Happy cloth diapering!!


  1. I have used cloth diapers for both my children, I used the same ones for both...13 years apart!(I know, I saved them for that long:P) I finally broke down and bought a few AIO for my second. They work great! I have never tried the wool covers, but I have seen them around. Yours are super cute!!

  2. Thanks Kirsten! 13! I probably would have saved mine never know, do you?!?! :)

  3. Wow Laura, those look terrific! And thanks so much for the mention of CaliCloth. I need to do the same for you and the other blogging mamas and put some links up.

  4. awesome diaper covers Laura!

  5. Ahh, love the wool, everyone called my son the wool boy when he was a baby, I just loved using wool, cannot think of the name f the soakers I used hmff, because they were amazing, danish brand...ohh well.
    The home made one are beautiful...


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