My first sewing project off a pattern!

Ok, so it may be the easiest pattern in the world, but it's a pattern.
I've been sewing for a while now, but only what I like to call "free-form" style. My Mom gave me a quick lesson when I first got my machine, but with her all the way over on the other side of the country, it's hard to schedule lessons.  I can whip out some cute bean bags,

pillowcase dresses

and simple twirl skirts no problem...

but put a pattern in front of me and I freeze up!  It's big and crinkly...with lots of lines all over the place!  Ah!
Enter my crafty mentor Carin from The Knitted Garden.   This amazing woman has taught me how to knit, crochet and now sew from a pattern!  I am forever grateful for her friendship and tutoring.  I am secretly hoping she doesn't move to TN any time soon (shhh!).
I made some simple pajama pants for my super cute nephew. 

His uncle picked out the pattern...what can I say?  I hope he likes them! 

Now that I have some confidence in pattern reading, guess what I'm making next?


  1. Thanks for the sweet words my friend! O Lordy that Oliver + S pattern is ADORABLE!! Ok, should we do a sew-along? Tell me you aren't going to do it out of the red or blue stripe fabric. Lol! I will maul you with pinking shears!


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