Immune Boosting Herbal Class!

Well, as you know I've been studying/practicing herbalism for the past few years.  I am a part of the Green Wisdom Herbal Studies group led by the well-known Master Herbalist Julie James.  This woman amazes me with her knowledge and love of the Herbal world.  I also truly enjoy her energy and spirit she brings to everything she does.  Check out her Green Wisdom here.

I taught a class today on how to make my 4 favorite remedies for boosting your immunity and keeping the cold/flu germies at bay.  I had about 15 local mommies attend and with the help of my friend's lovely kitchen (thank you Lisa!) I think we all had a good time.  This was a hands-on class where I actually made all 4 remedies right there.  Unfortunately for me (new blogger mistake)  I completely forgot to use my camera!  I was hoping to get a good shot of all of us together as well as some action shots.  I did however manage to get some set-up shots, so I'll share those:
Amber and cobalt bottles waiting to be filled with herbal goodness!

Class notes and 3 of my favorite home remedy books.

Lovely herbs just waiting to be prepared....
Since I love food so much and consider your diet a huge part of getting and remaining healthy...I just had to snap a shot of all the snacks I made to show the class that herbs can be powerful and yummy too!
Raw Boysenberry Dip, Raw Indian Flax Crackers, Raw Cashew Balls and Green Goddess Hummus.
I'll post these recipes tomorrow night...see you then!


  1. Acabo de leer tu pagina, me gusto mucho,la leo en castellano, la traduccion es bastante buena,soy del peru.
    no se mde remedios caseros me interesa aprender, asi que seguiré leyendo para poder prepararlos.


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