The Ever Changing Nature Table

We keep a small nature table in our home to remind us of the season and to display little bits of nature we find on our outings. F takes great pride in creating new ones, however sometimes she gets impatient and is ready to move on before nature's ready.
Such was the case today: "Mama, I'm ready for spring now".  As she starts to remove the winter whites and blues to make way for the pretty green and yellow silks she's found, I remind her that winter is still here.  The spring has not yet come.  Perhaps instead of changing our nature table before it is time, we should give it a good make-over?  There's an idea!!  Off she went to gather more winter themed goodies and here is the new scene.
Our nature tables usually change and grow through out the seasons, but I thought I'd share since this one was rather drastic.  I believe she was inspired by our new favorite book (for this week), When the Root Children Wake Up by Audrey Wood.  We picked this up at the library last week and it's been read only about 50 times or so already!  We own Mother Earth and Her Children: A Quilted Fairy Tale by Sybille von Offers, so it was a treat to read the same story in a different light.
F is convinced that she is going to actually see the Root Children on parade this year...I certainly hope we do!

Here's our nature table from last Fall:
Going through and seeing if I can find old pictures is making me realize I really need to categorize them better!
Any tips?
Back to Nature Tables though...
Want to start this tradition in your home?  I recommend this book.
I'll be back with another picture on March 20th, the Spring (vernal) Equinox.


  1. Laura,
    Congratulations on your blog! You are an inspiration and I hope to continue learning and growing from not only all your wonderful recipes but your creativity as well.
    Thanks. (Love this nature table)


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