Winter Nature Table Swap

Here's another post about a swap, but I figure it's fun to see all the crafty Bits Of Goodness, right?

This was the Winter Nature Table swap...

Felt snow-woman by Barb D.

Needle felted campfire by Sandra.

Wooden polar bear by Rhonda

Felt deer by April.

Felted rock with embroidered accents by "unknown".

I was still in my beeswax candle I made these for the swap.  100 pure local beeswax with cotton wicking:

Pinecone candles


Fir tree candles.

Did you join any seasonal swaps?


W-S Wanderings said...

Your beeswax candles are wonderful! I really must get myself some moulds.

The swaps are lovely.

barefoot mama said...

love the pine cone fun! I LOVE SWAPS!!

I didn't:( I did a holiday swap and haven't done one since. I'm already making things and getting ready for the next swap I want to dive into:))

Hope you're having a lovely weekend!

Robin said...

These are lovely and I LOVE your candles. Mady is very into pinecones right now. I hope to get into another swap in the near future. Hopefully. Once I get my "rhythm" {ahem} together. lol.

sistermama said...

Such lovely swap items!


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